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Our Commitment 

Ki-Ra operates under the most sympathetic ecological principles and aims to meet and exceed green globe standards. We promote sustainable and ethical tourism and seek to accentuate the positive impact of this development. We are committed to long term investment in staff and the local community reinforcing our sustainable approach, appreciation of Dominican heritage and sense of community. Our employees are local and our connection to the local community includes education, training, health care, improved community services and infrastructure. We understand that systems and knowledge constantly evolve, and we are committed to the ongoing improvement of our practice. 

Holistic Health

Holistic health implies the health of the whole, and this extends to our environment and our relationships. The emphasis on an informative approach to natural health and “holistic living” is reflected throughout all Ki-Ra’s operating practices and activities.

At Ki-Ra you can experience a natural treatment for its simple health giving/maintaining benefits or enroll in a healing program which may last some time, one that will take you through a deep healing process. Or simply enjoy the natural nurture, Caribbean style!

Food As Medicine 

Food is one of the main pillars for healthy living, so we really enjoy making fresh, local and tropical dishes that indulge the senses and stimulate the body to heal.


Given the variety and abundance of the Dominican Republic, we are able to offer an extensive vegetarian menu and for those wishing to participate in deeper healing or detoxifying programs.

 What we cannot supply ourselves we source from local producers and try to be as organic as possible. Our botanical garden provides the majority of the herbal medicines used in our treatments and these beautiful plants are also used in  our daily teas and juices.

We LOVE to see people heal with food! It makes us smile!

Access for All

We deeply believe that everyone should have access to these practices and space to heal. We want to create an environment where anyone, and everyone, feels safe to make space for themselves and engage in the magic of nature. This is why we try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. We want this place to feel accessable to all at every level. 

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