"I have had the pleasure of experiencing a Ki-Ra massage a number of times and every time without fail I am transported into a blissful tranquility. Kyra without a doubt has magic hands, she is the only masseuse who has ever managed to relax me so much that I’ve fallen asleep. I just wished I had Kyra’s magic hands on tap!"    — Melissa, London

“Kyra is an exceptional woman whose passion for sustainable living and well-being is obvious when you meet her. When I attended the Ki-Ra Retreat I was thrilled to experience both the beauty and comfort of the place together with the transformation happening inside of me. Everything from the food, the rooms, the massages, the power of the land, the company and of course the extraordinary Stewart Pearce. I highly recommend anyone to get involved!"   Sergio Pagani

"It is you who have done the developing and guiding of us, I feel.Your persona, your retreats, everything involving Ki-Ra has only served to steady me, center me, awaken me in many ways, and has also made me a much deeper spiritual person! I know I can call on you at any moment too for “help” with whatever problem I have or to share a feeling of joy or excitement. We are all blessed to have you ! "  —Anne Heffelfinger

“Kyra Montagu is a truly connected Yoga Teacher and a talented Ayurvedic Doctor. Her path is the path of health and real devotion through consistent work. Just being around her makes you healthier and lighter. She is the real healing guide we all need.”  — Jackie Arvelo, Patient

“I have been attending Ki-Ra retreats and classes for 4 years and I have received so many blessings on so many levels. The retreats have been profoundly healing and cleansing both emotionally and physically. The venues are always perfectly beautiful. The food and juices are beyond delicious. Kyra’s healing energy is powerful. Everyone she touches is blessed. And of course my yoga practice has improved. I highly recommend a Ki-Ra retreat or workshop for anyone!”  — Deena McKelvey

" First of all, thank you for being here, in this space called La Romana, my place in the world.  In the past couple of years I have been "awakening", if I may say so; and seeing life from a total different angel than the one I was raised and our occidental societies model us to become. In this "awakening ", yoga plays a very important role, as well as becoming more aware of how healthily we eat, and more aware of how we breath. That's where KI-RA comes in; like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Thanks again for your yoga classes, the detox sessions, the retreats, and your guidance.”  — Dr. Carlos Dominguez

"I've attended many RETREATS over the years - with Tibetan Lama's, Sacred Yogi, Silent Sages, and a number of giants in the MBS world like Deepak - yet none like the work of Stewart Pearce and the Angels of Atlantis. Firstly because the location and accommodation defy one's imagination of luxury - one experiences life for seven days as literally being a 'paradise on earth' - and secondly because the quality of the work is such a top grade experience. I left feeling more embodied in health, vitality and joy than I have in absolute years!"   — Sara Oiver, Designer & Writer for major world magazines