We are reconnecting with ourselves and nature, one by one.

Our starting point is stillness and asking the question:  What is truly my priority?

We can ALL make this declaration at home, but do we? So while you are at Ki-Ra we will guide you to make it for yourself.

We declare that things need to change and that we are the instigators, each and every one of us, of that change within ourselves.  Where is the Love?

Terminate the Past:

  We are saying no to blaming others or the system, it is our responsibility to Be the Change.

 We are learning to stop harming ourselves through unconscious practices and quick-fix solutions, to the best of our possibilities in each moment a decision is made to be more conscious.

 This is the end of the dependent age where we expect others to make the most important decisions for us.  

Create the Future:

The future is full of love, possibilty, joy, challenge and lots of color!

We would like the world to be more actively conscious.  Its easy to theorize, but putting it into practice is the PRACTICE.

We want to solve the problem of global suffering, it is not necessary but we inflict it on ourselves.  Everybody has the possibility of a healthy, happy life.

 We are creating a way of living that is empowering, connected and fun without manipulation or judgement.  We believe that everyone has their unique journey and that is interesting, inspiring and allows us to collaborate with each other to the benefit of all.

We want to see change, really, to feel human vibration rising, to touch the Earth daily and feel her healing also, to taste the joy of waking up to oneness  and the delicious fruits of the Earth;  to smell the ions in the fresh air as we heal our selves and our planet; To smell nature as she blossoms with our awakening and to hear the fearless call of the animals as we reintegrate into a shared existence with them once more.

Trigger Community:

 We want to attract all and any human being who has an inner calling to reconnect, to heal, to become whole again or anyone who’s not really sure but interested to discover.

People are motivated because there is nowhere else to go.  Consumerism, tourism and distraction are becoming ‘empty’ and eventually people are drawn to something else.  We are offering a sense of freedom in a completely open and natural way.

 Our audience interacts with us directly, we are here for them and whether its face to face, by phone or online it is direct communication, there is no middle man.

The guests meet each other on site, and often they find a simple and easy connection which makes it easier for them to sit together and discuss.  We offer a safe and open space for people to interact or just be together. We also value space for silent reflection.


We are a non-judgmental organistion growing out of a desire for human and planetary healing at any and all levels, we offer human beings a place to reconnect with themselves and nature and receive whatever they need for their own healing journey.

 We operate at  the  highest standard we are able to as we believe and have experienced that nature gives only the best of herself and quality nurture is something we all need.

 We identify with Raw Naked Truthfullness, with fierce loving courage to stand up and choose something different even if we don’t ‘know’ what we are doing.

The only badge of honor we wear is that we walk our talk, are not afraid to make mistakes or learn from them and that we genuinely believe in what we do and live it.

 We love life, every day we awaken and feel the deepest sense of gratitude and connection for this experience we are living, creating and being.  For us there is nothing more nourishing than being here, in this beautiful place, with our beautiful selves NOW.  Thats all there is!  Thank you Mother Earth and Water, Thank you Father Sun and Air.


We do not have enemies because we are all one.  What is in you, is in me, how can I be my own enemy? That would be your choice.  Anyone may challenge what we believe in and we are open to and ok with that, from our perspective we are all one.  That is what we are striving for.

  We wish to end judgement, abuse (in all its forms) and separation.

We want to overcome the desire to be better or separate, we just want to reunite with our innate capacity for endless love and express ourselves truthfully and lovingly.

Inspire Being:

 We want you to be you, just as you are, and if you want to open to change, well, we want to share that with you also!

We promote an attitude of freedom, of healing, of expression, of letting go of the stuff that holds us back from being soft and genuine and open and truthful.

We want you to feel as if you had just arrived home, to feel safe and open and trusting and we want to share with you in a way that feels comfortable to you.

We value integrity, we value authenticity and we value love because these are the qualities we are are developing for ourselves.

We would love you to adopt and value your own authenticity, as unusual as it may be for you, we would love you to adopt a trust while you are here so that you can experience whatever is needed for your journey and your healing and then to allow that to develop within yourself.

Provoke Action:

We want you to ‘do’ being.  We want you to relax, to rest, to connect, to heal, we want you to hear the birds and the ocean and allow nature to take care of you for a bit.  We want you to feel free.  We want you to ‘do’ what you want!

You will experience the zest for life that arises as we live our dream, you will feel the buzz of a life worth living, the joy of gratitude, you will smell the ions of the pure air and the wafting flavours from the kitchen; you will touch your heart and deepest meaning; you will hear nature growing around you and the children and animals as they go about their lives and you will taste heaven as you nourish your body with soulful food that actually makes you feel better, it is an overwhelmingly sensuous experience.

You will watch us go about our daily business, often smiling, sometimes challenged, truthfully just being as present as we can, always open, sometimes raw, life is to be lived to the fullest!

Command Presence:

 Our manifesto is our life, its what we do, eat, sleep, work and play, it is quite simply our way of living, learning and loving…

 It is always alive because it is us and everything that surrounds us at Ki-Ra

 It is a living manifestation of a dream, a belief, a lifestyle and an experiment and it is still and will always be being created. 


 We are crazy enough to believe we can, so We Can and We ARE!